Lady Paname

Magasin de charme et lingerie

"On dit que notre temps se caractérise par une crise du désir. Mais comme le désir n'est en somme qu'un plaisir imaginé, c'est moins sans doute la crise du désir qu'il faut dénoncer que le manque d'imagination, de fantaisie et d'invention. Laissons dès lors les merveilleuses images percoler à travers nos fibres nous envahir l'esprit, monter de nos âmes comme des vapeurs d'alcool; elles sont notre bien le plus précieux, alliés de la passion, complices fidèles de l'attachement, trésor inépuisable et principal."


Notre boutique est ouverte
de 12h30 à 19 heures du lundi au samedi.




Lady Paname

 In cold and damp weather, when spirits run low and the heart hangs heavy, make your way to a special place in Brussels where a simple look around will be enough to restore your "joie de vivre" and revive the pleasures of the senses. A stone’s throw from the Grand Place, at the entrance to "La Tête d’Or", a shell on the ground will show you the way. Follow the shells for a short while in the heart of Brussels to discover a treasure trove of delights…

At the end of this rainbow-coloured street, turn to the left, towards the former steam bath district, and you will find a shop quite unlike any other: Lady Paname!

The window display is instantly eye-catching: a black frame surrounds an oval-shaped window through which you can admire a warm, rose-coloured, light and sensual interior. Open the door. Step inside a world of intimate fragrances that will warm you to the core and immerse body and soul in a flood of joy!

Intoxicating scents, enticing underwear, mesmerising creams, the craziest of accessories, tantalizing novels, gourmet oils… with such a wide selection of treats, you will be sure to find that naughty little object that will entrance your senses and your partner, perfect for playing, sharing, laughing, relaxing in harmony, marvelling over life and the languors of love.

You will be welcomed with warmth and attention. Enjoy exclusive tips from the lips of a discreet, smiling lady who will show you the shop’s unique range of lingerie from its own brand. In the company of Marilyn’s bewitching eyes and Audrey’s smile, in a rose-coloured, refined atmosphere tinged with black and pierced with the sparkling voice of Suzie Delair, you will uncover that “little tra-la-la that makes heads turn and mountains tremble”.

 Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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Lady Paname
5, rue des Grands Carmes
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